Do Your Homework

Do Your Homework

Hire Falcon RIM Investigations LLC to perform an in-depth criminal background check in Midland, TX

Has your loved one been exhibiting some questionable or problematic behavior lately? If you're uncomfortable asking, searching or looking for the truth, turn to Falcon RIM Investigations LLC. Our investigative team in Midland, TX can run a criminal background check to discover if there's any evidence of criminal behavior.

We run every criminal background check through the Texas database. We can also request validation to run a check in other states where charges may have been filed. You can trust us to provide you with as much information as possible. Contact us right now if you're ready to learn more about your loved one.

Track down your adoption records

Adoption records can provide you with useful information surrounding your birth family and siblings. However, they're not always the easiest records to locate. Through a genealogy background check, we can look for information about your birth parents, children or siblings that was lost or concealed during the adoption process.

We will:

Conduct an exhaustive investigation, to locate birth family members
Attempt to locate a birth certificate, to obtain for your personal records
Require the consent of the investigated individual, to protect their rights and privacy before handing over any information

We pride ourselves on our ethical approach to every case. Our genealogy background check is thorough, but we cannot guarantee family reunions or results. Learn more about our background check services by calling 432-218-7894 today.